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March 20, 2012

Suicide Indian Girl

Yesterday, when i went to Back o Beyond by bikes to investigates rumor about weird cars i see this girl, a pretty girl with indian custom near Santa Maria Beach holding a DSLR, i thought she was a photographer same as me.

she looks like taking a picture of lighthouse from distance
So i pull my bike off the road and calmly turn off the engine, i take some photos of her with my own DSLR too. When i zoom closer to her face, shes so pretty...

i photoshoped this, since it too dark to see clearly
I thought she was realize i'm taking her picture... instead she goes up to me, she walks to the edge of the estuary.
she look sad

I could'nt stare at her sad eyes, so i turn my eyes to the road a while just in a blink of an eyes shes gone.
Then i walked to the last time i see her theres no trace about her... where the hell she goes?

A few moment later i see something in the water... how fool i am, its her dead body float on the water.

shes drowned to death
poor girl, i even dont know her name
I called police to inform the incident, i was wondering what burden her to commit suicide....
I left before the police come, back home with millions question... could she alive if i greet her instead taking her picture from the distance...?

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