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May 16, 2012

Dark Carnival v2.0

This mods will make El Castillo del Diablo in Las Brujas Darkest than Ever.
Many thanks to my fellow modder yuniwii, indra p, voidiov and anonmod.

I made this mods using sannybuilder and TXDworkshop to re-textured some model.

This mod contain image file to add to "models" folder in the game, make sure the img file less than 5 in your game except your game use saadjustlimiter. Don't forget to edit gta.dat to load the new img files.

Video Preview:

Download Link: awaiting gtainside



  1. crashes when it gets to the devil and baby thing

  2. Thanks Tomfor visiting my blog,

    Its seems you have problem with fire_bike effects
    try my effects hopefully it will solved your problem.

    Here the effects mod


    1. dear seejay seaman...

      are you indonesian, aren't you? because i am indonesian but i've never see you got an indonesian in your cool blog^_^

      i am a 'fans' for your cleo mod, it's awesome!!!

      as a fans, I have a request, could you make your 'dark carnival ver 2.0' not at the 'el castilo del diablo?' because there's a lot of mods there like 'the hills have eyes & the joker (silentsaw's mod). i've got an idea you could make it at vinewood grave. so i no longer use 'dark carnival ver 1.0'

      i really hope you hear my wish.

      thank you very much, i am rifqi.

    2. thanks, im indonesian of course its define on my id card at least xD

      In Vinewood Cemetery its Dark Carnival v1, have you try it?

    3. yes, i've try it... it's awesome. but Dark Carnival v2 is coolest mod if you put it vinewood cemetery (the characters are complete) i repeat my request to you, as a fans. i would like if you rebuild the Dark Carnival v2 and put it in vinewood cemetery PLEASE!!!

      quick reply

  3. Gan Ada Mod lari nya gak?? cara masukin mod skin nya gimana sih?
    kok orangnya ga berubah ya ?