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July 29, 2012

Vote For My Next Mods

Okey guys, actually i want to make a mods about angry trees at logging center, and the models as usual
made by friend of mine voidiov a.k.a Aurelius.
Model Preview

Since the models still in progress, uvwraping and rigging stuff i'll make several mods, please vote for the mods. They Are:

1. OG Loc recruitable as gang members, spawn at his house on grovestreet.
og loc house
2. Sweet recruitable as gang members, spawn at his house
sweet house
3. Caesar and Kendl recruitable as gang members, spawn at caesar place in Verdant Bluffs
caesar place

4. Big foot Hunt, spawn at shady creek and heading to cave at mt. chiliad, pick up weapon include
shady creeks
5. Adults Mods, just for adults (password protected as usual)

To vote use your facebook account and vote your choice here
Thanks before for your cooperation.



  1. How about the tree? Is it released yet?

    1. not yet bro... my friends kind a busy right now
      just wait and give him a space xD

  2. Nevermind. I'm not so interested with that :D
    I'm Just ask for it :D

  3. I love your Mods.I Am A mythhunter + a modder.I wanted to Ask if you could make your own House and cars with Your Logo(myth Hunter)On it...Like the Indonasia Top Fun Van

    1. thanks zyan, unfortunately my gta is way too big to open with Map Editor
      its always crashing MeD so i never able to make a map mod.

      maybe i'll made standard gta just for creating Map and put some object with MeD, or i'll just use others mod like san fierro hill house. the location is suitable for the myth hunter :D

      just wait.