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March 27, 2013

Freddy Krueger

My Favorite legend Freddy krueger at North Rock Cabin, what he doing there? who knows...
Maybe He want to challenge the leather face :P
My Last visit to North Rock Cabin.
took this from vagos
North Rock Cabin
hey... who laughed at me?
oh there u are, come at me bro!
Video Footage:

Download Link:

How to Install:
- Extract rar archive to your harddisk drive
- Copy fred, freddy.cs and "swara" Folder to your "CLEO" Folder on GTA SA
- import fred.dff and fred.txd to your gta3.img using img tool or others

Find him at North Rock Cabin everytime unless you're on mission.

- Esktrak file rar ke Harddisk kamu
- Salin file fred, freddy.cs dan folder "swara" ke Folder "CLEO" di GTA mu.
- Tambahkan fred.dff dan fred.txd ke files gta3.img menggunakan img tool dan sejenisnya.

Temui dia di Kabin North Rock kapan saja kecuali kamu sedang menjalankan missi.

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  1. dmn letaknya North Rock Cabin
    kasih letak di Mapnya donk