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my archive mod passwords are:

it's depend when the mods i made, try them to unlock the archive
do with ur own risk, it is not for under 18 yo
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March 29, 2013

JaySet ENB v0.075

This is ENB set for Intel HD 2000, it isn't meant to other graphic card.
I used ENB v0.075 for GTA SA from Boris Vorontsov at
Somes Ryosuke's asi plugin included
Timecyc made by Marty McFly.

Effect Enable : reflection, shadow and water only

My Laptop specification:
Processor Core 2 Duo 2.0 GHz
3,6 Gb of RAM
Intel HD 2000 onboard Graphic Card

October 16, 2012

JaySet ENB v0.074f with plugins

This is my ENB setting use old version v0.074f ideal for low PC with Intel HD Graphic
with many plugins, custom timecyc and effects mod

Just extract all files and folder from the archive to your GTA SA folder
Download Link:

July 22, 2012

Thomas ENB v5.1

ThomasBenb V5.1,

Copyright Boris Vorontsov
and ThomasB