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it's depend when the mods i made, try them to unlock the archive
do with ur own risk, it is not for under 18 yo
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September 26, 2012

GTA SA Nuansa Indonesia Van

This mod is a tribute to all GTA SA Nuansa Indonesia members.
On this mod will park a Van (topfun) with bulletproof capability and topfun features (detonate rc) at Smoke House. 

Download Link:

July 27, 2012

Bitch Party

Its been a long time i meant to made mods like this, until MARINNE upload this kind of mods
to gtainside, but MARINNE mods just so so.

The vehicles undriveable, the dancing girls and families buggy, just dance even you kill them they are still dance. So i edited the mods, just take the coordinate, everything else are my script.

- The vehicles are driveable
- The girls and families recruitable as gang members
- Backsound House Musics added csm.mp3 which is you may change with your own songs
 just rename your choosen songs into csm.mp3

June 7, 2012

NFS Shift Spawner

With this mods will spawn hotring b and the girls as your navigator by simply pressing Tab + N.
Girl model by kohdyktop and tatui

May 22, 2012

Clover My Favorite Car

Clover, this is my favorite cars in San Andreas even door panel and some part seem mismatch from the main
its look great. The performance great at low rpm nice to ram other vehicles especially cop cars.

This muscle cars only has 2 seat passenger its suit me to do drive by with less gang members intact.

May 14, 2012

Sandking Park

This mods will spawn sandking near your safehouses, now sandking not just only available at Big Ear but its in Los Santos (Santa Maria, Verona Beach, Jefferson, Hill House)