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March 25, 2012

Ghost Cars

Ilustration, photoshoped
Ghost Car...
Lately  a friend of mine told me an abandoned car at back o beyond
suddenly chase and try to hit her friends.

Back O Beyond Sign

Luckily they are safe just shocked a bit. Actually these rumors about
ghost cars story quiet famous in folktown.

I've try to investigate these rumors before, but interupted by the suicide incident on my way to
back o beyond. Tonight i'll go there to see it with my own eyes.

My DSLR beloved digicam of mine fully chargered, i've bought some new sweater from binco too
lately the weather quiet colder u know.

Information about these cars gathered, people said the engine only started when someone smash the window at midnight... so i decide to borrowed my cousin baseball bat.

At last the time is come, my digicam fully chargered, free memory on my SD card is enough, baseball bat ready and i just wearing my new sweater from binco.

Its 10 o' clock when i arrived at Back O Beyond, there is two cars in my sight one of them slide down to the trees on the slope of the hill.

Theres nothing happen after 10 minutes there, so i smack those cars with my bat and still no weird stuff happen. I took some photographs... here they are

two cars, theres no ghost in there
the one that slide
the other ones
smack on the windows and nothing happened
the trunk is empty
smack the window to wake the ghost up failed

nothing in the trunk
After 30 minutes, i decide take one of them home. Its very odd the engine still running even the body wrecked up.
engine works
after re-spray
I took it to pay n spray but the bodyworks fail, so i just re-spray the color and give it a nice wheel. bright as morning sunshine.

bright rim
on my garage

Now i had a ghost car on my garage, even its wrecked up but the engine fine. What folktown said about ghost cars just a silly myths... the cars move because of the gravity not because of ghost driving it. LOL

Location: Back O Beyond

There is another spot with same wrecked glendales car... i found it on desert, i'll catch up later... the mysteri still remains.

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